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My name is Tania Saldívar.  I'm a Graphic Designer since 2005,  founder of Neisybustudio since 2012 and based in Los Angeles, CA since 2016.

As a curious creative,  I've explored different graphic design areas such as web design, editorial design, hand lettering with illustration and more recently,  information design. 

Ive grown very passionate about infographics, data visualization and presentation design in the last couple of years.  

After starting my first volunteer job in 2016, I realized how necessary it is to create appealing and efficient visuals that communicate relevant and organized information in order to have a positive impact.   That's why I've been more involved in projects related to this graphic design areas focused on education and effective communication. 

So if you, your company or organization need any presentation design, data visualization or infographics to improve the flow of communication between you and your clients, employees or students, lets get started!


Some of my clients:


*Earth Rights Institute 

*Amazon Mexico

*University of Southern California 

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